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About Us

Meet the Trainer

Sam Coulter, Owner & Lead Trainer

As an Accredited Professional Dog Trainer based in Calgary, AB - I’ve been training and working with dogs since 2014. I realized my passion after adopting my dog, Angel, and completed the PetSmart training program shortly after receiving my training accreditation and offering private training and leading classes in store. Over the years I have expanded my knowledge further, learning from other industry-leading professionals, countless hours of hands on training, and continued education. Combined with experience from raising my own high drive dog, I launched Coulter K9 with the mission to help others achieve the best possible relationship with theirs! Since then we have worked with countless dogs, their owners, and various rescue foundations bringing them professional support and training. 

I believe there is no one size fits all approach to training, every dog is unique in their individual needs and personality which is why I fall under the "balanced" approach. However, with my background being in reward based training, I train with a very heavy focus on positive reinforcement. While at the same time recognizing the value of having an open toolbox and utilizing a combination of training approaches when necessary, I am able to asses your situation from all angles and offer a truly customized training plan. 

With my passion and love for dogs, and commitment to continuous improvement; I will always provide the best service possible to my clients, Helping You Find Balance!

Our Training Approach

IACP Designation
Profur Insurance
BARK.COM Professional
Airdrie Community Votes Pet Training Gold Winner Award
Sam Coulter Dog Trainer and wife with dog Angel

Our Co-Trainers

My personal dogs can tag along for sessions if needed and love to help out with training! They also set a great example for dogs completing a Board and Train Program with us. It's a huge help to have calm, well trained dogs to work around when working on leash walking, reactivity, proper introductions etc. Meet them below:

Pitbull/Lab Mix Dog


10 Years Old - Pitbull/Black Lab Mix

I adopted Angel in 2014, and she is the reason I found my love for dog training. Being a bully breed, I wanted to show others how amazing these dogs truly are and therefore wanted her to be as well trained as possible. Her calm, loving nature has touched countless people and she has been alongside me helping reactive and aggressive dogs for many many years. Angel truly lives up to her name!

American Bully Dog


3 Years Old - American Bully

Dexter joined the family in November 2020 and we couldn't imagine life without him. He has a big, goofy personality and loves every person and dog he meets (and they love him too!) proper socialization from a young age does amazing things! Dexter loves to tag along for work squealing in excitement at the sight of any leash or collar, and enjoys getting home for a nap and cuddles after a long day!

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