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Private Training
1 Hour Customized Sessions

Recommended 3-6

Our 1 on 1 approach ensures that full attention is given to your dog, and the entire session is geared towards any issues you need to work on together or goals you may have. We are able to provide the education and tools you need to address:

  • Leash & House manners

  • Basic Obedience & Recall

  • Resource Guarding

  • Kennel Training

  • Proper Introductions & Socialization

  • Reactivity, Aggression, & Anxiety

  • Puppy Basics

  • Jumping and More!

We recommend working in/around your home and neighborhood to ensure that your dog is trained in their usual surroundings and problems can be addressed in real life scenarios. However, we can also hold sessions at our Calgary facility.

From everyday behavioral problems such as leash walking and jumping on people, to resource guarding and recall, private sessions are a great way to build a better relationship with your pet, and we will determine the best plan of action to get you and your dog set up for success! No minimum purchase required, single sessions can be purchased or take advantage of one of our pre-paid packages:


1 Hour Session                   $150

4 Pack                                    $550

6 Pack                                    $800

*Subject to GST. Private training rate applies to all types of training sessions including puppies and reactivity. No hidden travel fees for Calgary, AB & nearby areas.

Reactive Dog Classes

Weekly Drop in Style Classes

Join us in a controlled setting with other owners managing reactive pups. Classes are a great opportunity for socialization, to work around real life scenarios in a safe environment, and to brush up on your training skills. It can be very difficult to maintain regular exposure to other dogs, people etc. when dealing with a reactive dog, especially when others cross the street at the sight of a barking, lunging pup! These classes were created to give owners a supportive, judgement free environment where they can learn how to properly manage these behaviors. 


To join a reactivity class, you must have previously completed a private training session with Coulter K9. This allows us to assess your reactive pup to confirm that they will do well in a class setting and establish the basics of proper handling with owners. 

Weather permitting, classes are held outdoors.  Moved to our indoor facility if needed.  Contact us to inquire about class dates, times, and location. 


*Subject to GST. No minimum class purchase required.

Dog giving a high five
Dog Walk

Board and Train

2 Week Minimum

Our in home Board & Train is great for those who aren't able to commit to hours of daily training, or for dogs that require consistent work and are more difficult to rehabilitate.

We integrate your dog into our home and treat them as our own ensuring a balanced structure of work, play, and proper socialization. Rest assured they will receive an abundance of love and you will receive daily pupdates! Safety, comfort, and well being are our top priority. Owners are welcome to visit for training sessions during the program.


                          2 Week Foundation                                 $2,500

                           - Eliminate Pulling

                           - Loose-Leash Walking

                           - On Leash Heel

                           - Sit, Down, Stay, Place Command

                           - Crate Training

                           - Basic Manners & Obedience

                           - Thorough Go Home Session


                            3 Week Intermediate                          $3,500

                           - Full On-Leash Obedience

                           - Off-Leash Recall

                           - Distraction Training

                           - Basic Leash Reactivity

                           - Socialization

                           - Thorough Go Home Session

                           - 1 Free Follow Up Session

                         4 Week Unleashed                                     $4,250

                         - Full On/Off-Leash Obedience

                         - Sit, Down, Place under Distractions

                         - Distance & Duration Training

                         - Environmental Conditioning & Proofing

                         - Leash Reactivity

                         - Thorough Go Home Session

                         - 1 Free Follow Up Session


                          6 Week Advanced                                     $6,000

                       - Full On/Off-Leash Obedience

                         - Dog & People Reactivity

                         - Dog Aggression & Rehabilitation

                         - Fear & Anxiety

                         - Muzzle Training

                         - Resource Guarding

                         - Thorough Go Home Session

                         - 2 Free Follow Up Sessions

Upon completion we ensure you are educated and confident with everything your pup has been taught throughout their stay. All programs include training tools, free access to reactive dog classes, and virtual lifetime support. To guarantee your dog gets the time, training, and care that they need in a calm environment we do not book more than 4 dogs on at a time.

Reactivity and Aggression

Helping your Dog Conquer their

Fears, Reactivity, & Aggression

There is nothing more rewarding than turning around a dogs life, and in turn yours. We often work with dogs who are on their last chance, giving us the amazing opportunity to change their outcomes. 

We are passionate about rehabilitating the dogs that are experiencing intense behavioral issues, and specialize with Reactivity and Aggression cases. These issues can make it impossible to go for walks, or even just to be around others safely. Leaving owners with no choice but to shelter these dogs, which in turn can progress the negative behaviors further.

We will provide the tools, knowledge, and training to mitigate these extreme behaviors and are committed to bringing out the best in your dog. Reactivity and Aggression can be addressed in Private Training sessions or though a Board and Train program, whichever is more suitable for your situation. 

Image by Angelo CARNIATO

Behaviour Modification

Often times our dogs can develop bad habits when negative behaviors are not properly addressed, fear or anxiety, or even when they are just lacking proper leadership.


Behavior modification training is integrated into Private sessions and Board & Train programs.


We will work with your dog to counter condition the unwanted behaviours using a balanced approach through operant/classical conditioning and reward based training, scientifically proven to be the most effective method in behavioural situations.

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Private Training
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