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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Balanced Training?

To put it simply - rewarding the good and correcting the bad to teach right from wrong, rather than just ignoring the bad and often dangerous behaviors hoping they stop. A balanced approach uses all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning through reward based training. Corrections involve verbal cues or different forms of pressure to stop and redirect negative behaviors. Rewards and positive reinforcement involve heavy praise, toys treats etc. Being trained and certified in reward based training, I focus more heavily on positive reinforcement. Using this training approach, you improve the relationship with your dog and establish what they need most - trust, respect, and leadership!

What does Coulter K9 do differently than others in the industry?

We recognize that every dog is totally different and requires a unique training plan. This is why we offer private, in home training tailored specifically to the individual client. Ensuring we troubleshoot and work through real life scenarios also gives us an edge, a controlled environment is great but not always realistic. 

At some facilities, there can be multiple dogs boarded and being trained at once. We aim to board 1 dog at a time (maximum 2) to guarantee that you receive full value of the program. 

Ongoing support is always available both during and after training with us. Our clients satisfaction is priority, and we love to check in on your pups progress too!

NO!  This is often a misconception with balanced training. Not every dog needs these tools. We will asses your dog and make recommendations for a training plan. If that includes one of these tools and you aren't comfortable after function and proper use are explained, we will always provide alternative options. 

Any and all! Although we do work with many high drive and bully breeds, our services are for all dogs - from French Bulldogs to Pomeranians, we've trained them all!

What Breeds do you work with?

Do I have to use a Prong Collar or Remote Collar to train my dog?

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